PPI Recruits Celebrates Record-breaking International Signing Day in College Football

Collier and Coach Nick Saban with German LB Justin Okoronkwo, who signed with Alabama.
Collier and Coach Nick Saban with German LB Justin Okoronkwo, who signed with Alabama.

In a groundbreaking event, PPI Recruits, the world’s leading international recruiting firm, marked a historic International Signing Day by securing commitments from 13 American football players, hailing from diverse corners of the world. This exceptional feat underscores PPI Recruits’ global reach and unwavering commitment to fostering athletic talent worldwide.

Today, Collier and the PPI Recruits organization celebrated International Signing Day commitment with the following athletes:

  • DL Manuel Beigel (Germany), University of Michigan
  • DL Samuel Ehret (Germany), Ohio University
  • OL Keon Rohé (Germany), Florida Atlantic University
  • LB Justin Okoronkwo (Germany), University of Alabama
  • TE Daniel Evert (Germany), Temple University 
  • RB Oliver Lundberg (Sweden), UConn
  • OL Noel Portnjagin (Germany), Florida Gators 
  • OL Benjamin Kienz (Germany), Kennesaw State
  • TE Joël van Gelder (The Netherlands), Lafayette College
  • RB Duncan Brune (Germany), Ohio University
  • DE Bennet Lihs (Germany), South Dakota State University
  • OLB Brian Robinson (USA), University of Kentucky
  • OL Pape Abdoulaye Sy (Senegal), Boston College

Among the standout recruits, several internationally ranked players signed today, including: Manuel Biegel, a rising star from Germany, who committed to the University of Michigan, Justin Okoronkwo, who signed with University of Alabama, and Noel Portnjagin, who joined the Florida Gators. 

“This is unprecedented,” shared Susan Miller, COO of PPI Recruits. “The caliber of international talent signing today highlights the global expansion of American football and showcases how the best teams in the USA are committed to embracing talent from all corners of the world. Our PPI team is celebrating today!”

As PPI Recruits continues to redefine the landscape of college football recruiting, International Signing Day serves as a beacon of inspiration for aspiring athletes worldwide, reinforcing the notion that talent knows no borders. 

Former professional player and PPI Recruits CEO, Brandon Collier, expressed his enthusiasm about the milestone, stating, “Today is a testament to the power of diversity and the untapped potential in athletes around the world. We are proud to provide opportunities for these exceptional players and to help them realize their dreams on the college football stage.”

Named one of college football’s Most Influential Black Men by Sports Illustrated earlier this year, Collier has an unwavering devotion to helping athletes reach their potential. His organization’s influence spans six continents, over 50 countries, and more than 100 elite schools. PPI’s international athletes will play in every major college football bowl this year, including both semi-final playoff games, the Rose Bowl and the Sugar Bowl.

Beyond Signing Day success, PPI Recruits also recognized a landmark accomplishment in their organization with the launch of their PPI Dreamchasers Foundation. This initiative has been pivotal in supporting global athletes, with a particular emphasis on scouting talent in Africa and developing countries. The Foundation’s efforts include sponsored trips to these regions, enabling the discovery and cultivation of athletes who may have otherwise gone unnoticed. 

“I felt a calling to help kids in Africa. We discovered so many phenomenally talented athletes in Africa. Last year, we met Pape in Senegal, and this year met hundreds more in Gambia and back in Senegal. Type of opportunity is truly life changing for them, their families, and their communities,” said Collier. “Our PPI Foundation has made it possible to help kids all over the world to earn athletic scholarships in America. I’m working toward seeing many of them sign next year.”

Congrats to Collier and the PPI team.

Collier coaches athletes in Gambia.
Collier coaches athletes in Gambia.