Just after noon CET the University of Florida called German OL Kariem Al Soufi and Finnish OT Martin Veinberg and offered both full scholarships to join the Gators.  Both Al Soufi and Veinberg stood out at PPI combines in Hannover and Helsinki respectively.

You think about all the people who helped you: all the coaches back home, my mom who worked hard to get me on this trip, and Coach Collier who put this trip together.

– Martin Veinberg

Neither player is unfamiliar with success and neither has reached this level without hard work. Veinberg has anchored the line for the perennial Finnish champions, the Helsinki Roosters, while Al Soufi was part of the stellar Paderborn Dolphins under 19 team that won the German league. That team also featured fellow DreamChasers Niklas Hansen (2017), Luke Wentz, Leander Carstensen. and Daniel Sieslack.

For Veinberg this is his second offer, but for Al Soufi this was the first offer he secured after a dominant start to the tour.

Published by Mathias Torp

PPI Editor

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