Returning to the University of Virginia after being invited back proved to be a wise decision for five DreamChasers. Shortly after the first tests, Aarhus Tigers’ Emil Bo Andersen got the first offer of the day. After the camp concluded, Andersen announced his commitment to Virginia. He plans to enroll in 2019 after a prep year with the elite Bristol Academy PRIDE in England.

The feeling can’t be described. I told my family in Texas and my family back home in Denmark plus all my friends that I would get a scholarship one day. That was two years ago and now it finally happened. Lots of hard work and long days with school and football afterwards…. It was worth the grind.
– Emil Bo Andersen

First, but not last.

The European domination continued as Luke Wentz, QB from Paderborn Dolphins, Kariem Al Soufi, Martin Veinberg and Sylvain Yondjouen all secured offers from UVa. Wentz will be the first European quarterback to attend an FBS school as a scholarship player. This is a massive testimony to the quality of football in Europe, since quarterbacks can only develop as far as the level of play, unlike other positions which can hone their skills one-on-one.

I am so blessed and overwhelmed right now! It’s a huge deal for me and I will talk to my parents now to make a quick decision! Thank you so much to my family, coach and PPI! They never stopped believing!
– Luke Wentz

The players decided to attend this camp after initially planning a day to recuperate at Myrtle Beach. Sometimes, the sacrifices are worth it!

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